Of course a larger penis can be engineered

I have to laugh every time I read a piece from a pseudo scientist who lectures his audience that the penis cannot be enlarged.

These guys are probably impotent.

What I know is that my penis has a different size, flaccid or erect, depending on circumstances, and on what I have consumed.

For my member, when it's soft, it's usually larger, even double size, when I'm tired, even yawning.

It tends to be smaller when I have work stress, and when it's shitty cold in Chicago.

Many things that I consume make my dear dick smaller: amphetamines, cocaine, cigarettes, and coffee.

And very few ingestibles make it bigger, sildenafil for example, and of course krachai dam. Both are of the same category of pharmaceutical agents. They are phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

It's not that sildenafil citrate only works on the penis when there is sexual stimulation. That's nonsense copied again and again on the web. If I have consumed sildenafil citrate on the evening before, then in the morning, I have a flaccid member that is larger than usual.

And then, erection size and erection hardness are not the same thing. Erection largeness is modulated by arterial inflow, which typically is mediated by cAMP. Largeness can be engineered by phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

Erection stiffness, on the other hand depends on venous valves that restrict backflow. If one wants to engineer a tighter valve closure, yohimbine is superior to phosphodiesterase inhibitors.

But careful, yohimbine is a adrenergic receptor blocker. It diminishes orgasm intensity which is a sympathetic system event.

In my opinion, krachai dam is superior to sildenafil or yohimbine, even though it doesn't have the ad-hoc intensity. On generous dosages, I have an increased penile size, just as when I'm yawning and tired, but all day long. This just feels good, and I enjoy the envy of other men.

It also makes my erections fuller, and they happen easier. I call this erectile health.

And I don't have the Viagra side effects like headache and stuffed nose.

Man, what a healthy man I am.

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